RUS   /   EN — The World’s first smart fish-feeding system

Our device feeds your fish, orders re-fills when stocks get low, monitors water temperature and light levels.

The add-on and app turn your aquarium into a smart ecosystem, freeing you from the chores that come with owning aquatic pets.

The unit works with any aquarium and all popular fish types. Simply install it, watch it get to work and relax while looks after your aquatic pets.

Secret Sauce: what makes unique

Any aquarium, any fish

Fits all aquariums and all popular fish types

Research has shown that owning and watching aquarium fish benefits our nervous systems in both subtle and obvious ways.

App comes with a custom-made app that displays your aquarium’s water temperature, lighting levels, feed stock and more. The app is free and available to Android and iOS users.
Getting started is easy; you just tell where you live, how many fish you own and what your aquarium’s volume is. Afterwards, the device automatically adjusts to your pets’ needs. Water temperature, lighting levels and feeding intervals are all under control.
The app also includes a system that’s fun for adults and children alike. For performing certain tasks, users receive bonuses that they can share (and brag about) with friends on social media.

Technical description

Ergonomically designed white sphere (volume - 460 cm3)

Built from EcoPlastic that’s safe for humans as well as fish

Socket-powered with a backup battery that lasts hours

2 Multi-use mounts suitable for all aquarium sizes

Additional feeding container

USB cable with E.U./U.S. socket plugs

Wireless connectivity (802.11 b/g/n, supports 2.4GHz)

Mobile app compatible with iOS 7.1+ and Android 4.4+

1-Year free warranty included.

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How the was created: our goals, mission and unique advantages

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About us is perfect if you want to own fish - but aren’t always there to take care of them 24/7. It’ll also unclutter your life if you already own an aquarium, no matter your experience level.

Our Mission – Our goal is to change the way you care for your pets. is just the first of many planned “smart home” products for the animals in your home. For example - there are currently no high-quality smart devices for birds. We want to change that, because plenty of people own pets that aren’t cats or dogs. This is why we’re so excited to be working on ecosystems that will make the lives of all animals, as well as their owners, better and simpler!

The Team

We first started working on this project in 2016. Here’s our 6-person team:

Our team of industrial designers. They helped us imagine and create the, and they are: +7 495 748 92 51
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